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General Principles

Foreign-flagged vessels, which call at the ports of Constantza, Midia and Mangalia, have to be represented by a ship-agency company that has concluded a service contract with the Administration.
In special circumstances a shipmaster may make payments, on own behalf, for services provided before the vessel departs from port.

The amounts payable for services provided by the Administration are on ship-owners' account and the payments are to be made through ship-agency companies or directly by the ship-owner (for Romanian-flagged vessels).

All tariff rates applied by the Administration are expressed in EURO.

Payments for services provided are made in hard currency by foreign-flagged vessels and in equivalent national currency (ROL) by Romanian-flagged vessels

Conversion of tariff rates into other currencies (including the national currency) is made at the official rates of exchange notified by the National Bank of Romania (BNR) for the invoicing day of the service provided, in conformity with the legal regulations in force.

The amounts resulting from the application of tariff rates are due before the vessel departs from port and the ship agent is to guarantee the payment thereof on departure of the vessel. On or after departure of the vessel from port, the ship-agent makes the due payments in conformity with the clauses provided by the contract concluded between the respective agent and the Administration.

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